Lou! Journal Infime

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

Lou! Journal Infime is like a delightful cupcake that you can sink your girly teeth into. It's there for you to experience on the off chance you have a hankering for watching an eccentric mother daughter team in action, a la Gilmore Girls, with all the whimsy and innocence of a comic book.

Twelve-year-old Cutie patootie, Lou (Lola Lasseron) has a mother (Ludivine Sagnier) who would rather beat the next level of a video game and lounge around in bunny slippers than be a nag about chores and homework.  

When little Lou looks to spice up her less than ambitious mother's life, she looks for a possible romance. In the quest to find someone for Mom, she stumbles upon someone that catches her eye as well. It gets more magical from there. 

It's nice to see Ludivine Sagnier ditch her usual ethereal and sexy roles to be a genuine, imperfect, but totally lovable mess. We can relate to this Mom. Kyan Khojandi joins in and adds a sweetness to the already adorable scenery. 

Tune in to this beautiful story on Netflix this weekend for something cozy enough for the impending holiday season 

Nicole Eicholtz

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