Les Reines du ring (Queens of the Ring)

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

Queens of the Ring, directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki, has us here at FrenchFlicks jumping for joy and twirling for theatrics, as we follow Rose, (Marilou Berry) and her merry band of middle-aged cashiers turned pro-wrestlers. 

In a touching effort to reconnect with her 10 year old estranged son, Rose does what any desperate mom would do: she become the female version of Hulk Hogan, in the hopes to impress him. On her way to accomplishing this extraordinary goal, she coaxes an eclectic group of colleagues at the grocery store, where she works, to join her team.

Her first victim is Colette, (Nathalie Baye) a 50 year old exhausted wife and mother. Next up to join the team is Jessica (Audrey Fleurot), a dynamic redheaded nymphomaniac, and Vivianne, a butcher who’s a little off her rocker. 

André Dussollier plays the weary coach that begrudgingly takes on the challenging tasks of whipping these wacky characters into shape. 

The film features a unique concept, and while at times cheesy, is overall great fun. It most certainly keeps you rooting for the good guys ‘til the end. Get ready for these badass Divas to rev up your weekend.

Nicole Eicholtz

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