La Religieuse (The Nun)

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. Guillaume Nicloux captures well the ever popular genre mashup of religious and eerie, in The Nun.

Suzanne, played heartbreakingly by Pauline Etienne, is unexpectedly forced into a life of wearisome nunnery from a young age. To make matters worse, a tyrannical Mother Superior (Louise Bourgoin) takes the place of her beloved, warm-hearted Madame de Moni (Françoise Lebrun), a twinkle of light in her frustratingly grim fate.

Her journey only gets stranger when she is transported to an abbey under the care of Supérieure Saint-Eutrope (Isabelle Huppert). As usual, Huppert is fearless in her unconventional role. 

This modern film reveals a very classic time authentically and brilliantly. The costuming alone transports you to this solemn and graceful period, aiding in the comprehension of the hopelessness and unfairness women endured at the time.

An unexpected choice, but captivating nonetheless, check out the woeful but striking tale, based on the 18th-century novel by Denis Diderot this weekend. 

Nicole Eicholtz

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