24 jours, la vérité sur l'affaire Ilan Halimi

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. 24 Days is a shocking and painful experience without a moment to come up for air. Based on the horrifying true events in Paris just 11 years ago, a young man is held kidnapped for an excruciating 24 days, and held for ransom.

Syrus Shahidiq stars as the lead, playing the unfortunate Ilan Hilami, a bubbly mobile salesman. Shahidiq is extraordinary at setting up the confident naivite that Ilan possesses that any one of us have at that age.

But this is truly a story of the Hilami family. His beautiful sisters suffer in the background while Mr. And Mrs. Hilami reunite after being separated for round the clock sessions with the police. Zabou Breitman and Pascal Elbé both conduct themselves with a frustrating calm and collectedness, with impending explosion bubbling up under the surface; a genius performance given by both.

The search and investigative team includes Jacques Gamblin, Sylvie Testud, and Éric Caravaca, who give an insight into the power struggle, and hopelessness experienced on that front.

The film touches on all social and relational turmoil that plagued the real Hilami family as they waited for what seemed like an entire police precinct to solve this horrific crime and bring home their son.

Certainly not a dull moment in this investigative crime story that is sadly all too true; Alexandre Arcady's 24 Days is a master work that deserves to be watched.

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