Holy Motors

NOW ONLY AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. Holy Moses, was Holy Motors outrageous.

Leos Carax's deranged treasure, Holy Motors, does not constitute your every day movie-going experience. Half of the fun is trying to comprehend what is happening in front of you.  

In the film, we journey with Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) on any given day on the job to his mysterious "appointments." He leaves his loving and understanding family to embody at least 10 other lives over the course of a 24 hour period.  

Together, with his trusted driver Celine, (Edith Scob) he travels in a limo and throws himself whole-heartedly into realistic role-play where anything is possible, as the audience is thrown into jarring imagery, and enticing symbolism.

Along the way, Monsieur Oscar meets a starlet played by Eva Mendez, and a somber beauty played by Kylie Minogue. 

One can't help but become moved by the sympathetic eye of Carax, who through this particular film, reveals all that he sees in an actor going to work: the emotional tolls, the unreasonable marriage to the projects and the characters, the critics, the inability to master home- life, no matter what the success.  

Indeed, Holy Motors is a type of thank you note for all of the generosity given and the sacrifices endured by true artists of the cinema.  

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Nicole Eicholtz

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