From the Land of the Moon (Mal de pierres)

Craving your classic drama-filled rehab romance? Marion Cotillard brings her usual raw, sultry, bordering on mad leading lady performance of which no one ever tires.
Rural fields of lavender provide a backdrop for a tumultuous inner dialogue of Gabrielle (Cotillard) a young woman unlucky in love, life and stifled by her less than approving mother, on the hunt to find a man for her daughter in part to be relieved of her.
José, a Spanish veteran who works for the family as a brick layer comes to the rescue as a marriage of convenience for Gabrielle's family. He's dependable, loyal and makes a lovely father, but is clearly not the exciting rollercoaster ride the farmer's daughter had in mind. 
Once Gabrielle heads to a sanitarium to recover from some disturbing kidney stone pain, the real love story begins. Louis Garrel plays André Sauvage, a mysterious veteran of the Indochina war. Things inevitably get steamy with the brooding and tortured pair, and the film gives you a major bated breath vibe. 
Watch if you feel the need to spice this weekend up a bit, or simply for the eye candy - the lavender fields of course!