NOW ONLY AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. If you've ever pondered what it would be like for your mother to cover an article regarding prostitutes, I have a Netflix rental for you.

Elles was directed by Malgoska Szumowska and stars Juliette Binoche (Anne), Anaïs Demoustier, (Charlotte), and Joanna Kulig (Alisja). The story was actually inspired by interviews conducted by a journalist and psychoanalyst with young prostitutes that "were far more proud and casual than [they'd] imagined.” 

I for one expected great things from Juliette Binoche, and as always, was satisfied, so to speak. Radiantly beautiful, she is fearless in her readiness to be vulnerable. She has a way of delving into human flaw and weakness, and making it endearing and courageous. 

In Elles, Binoche is wife and mother to an affluent Parisien family. As a journalist, she's working on her latest magazine assignment. The subject: a ring of prostitution among university students.  

Professional soon turns personal, as these girls turn her world around, changing how she feels about sex and morality.

It's hard to be disappointed in a film like Elles; it is something that is so honest, unorthodox, and simply possesses a wealth of talent.

Nicole Eicholtz