Dior and I

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. FrenchFlicks goes fashion this week with its Netflix selection of Dior and I, the documentary that presents a new leader within the design dynasty of Christian Dior. Frédéric Tcheng takes us into the creative, gifted, and anxious mind of Raf Simons, who took over as artistic director of the prominent fashion house in 2012. 

In this film, we get a behind the scenes glance at Simons' very first haute couture collection from sketch to runway. The piece truly covers all bases of what it takes to make a fashion designer's vision become a reality. The sub-plot of Dior's merry band of French seamstresses are particularly a tasty treat. 

If you think Simons' first day on the job could potentially be a stress inducer, Simons himself agrees with you. From clashes of opinion, to production mishaps, to the insecurity of being more experienced with "ready-to-wear" fashion, as opposed to couture, Simons' nail-biting demeanor, followed by his delivery of breathtaking results is quite thrilling to watch. 

Fans of fashion will enjoy cameos, which include the likes of Marc Jacobs and Vogue legend Grace Coddington. A sophisticated way to celebrate French style before boundless gorging on stuffing and mashed potatoes in the week to come. Enjoy the refinement tonight!

Nicole Eicholtz

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