Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. Even the French have their cheesy Hallmark Channel reminiscent indulgences like Jérôme Cornuau's Chic!  

The ethereal and lovably patronizing Alicia Ricosi (Fanny Ardant) is convinced that all is lost when she is mercilessly dumped. She decides that without the inspiration of true love, the continuation of her career is simply impossible. 

Unfortunately for her team, she happens to be the head designer of a top haute couture fashion house, and even more unfortunately for her team, in order to convince Ardant to stay, they must put their heads together and find her a muse. A job that falls on the head of Uptight Hélène Birk (Marina Hands). 

On top of that, the only men that seems to inspire her boss is the gardener of the fashion house (Eric Elmosnino), an everyday man that Hélène Birk has always despised and looked down upon. A culture shock between a blue collar man and a snobby designer’s assistant can only create a recipe for disaster, especially when love shows up without announcing itself.

It might not be the comedy of the century but its impeccable cast makes it a pleasant guilty pleasure for romantic comedy lovers.

Nicole Eicholtz