Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

With all of the mania surrounding Netflix's recent streaming of the 90s classic, Friends, going on, its nice to know that Frenchflicks has you covered by revealing France's own close pal drama on Netflix. 

The friends in Eric Lavaine's Barbecue, (just released last year!) are a little older, but still going through their fair share of growing pains. 
Instead of wondering what their next career move is going to be or which city they're going to live in, this group of Baby Boomers is struggling to survive something bigger: the mid-life crisis. 
No character is battling this more than our protagonist, Antoine (Lambert Wilson). After suffering a heart attack, Antoine becomes the symbol of saying what you feel, indulging in what you love, and taking life by the bull-horns.
Although this isn't a cinematic experience that screams originality, it will most certainly never bore with animated squabbles, quick witted dialogue, and a truly eclectic cast, including the charming comedienne, Florence Foresti.
Watch if you liked Little White Lies or if you need a vacation.
Nicole Eicholtz