Après Mai (Something in the Air)

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. The 60's can be quite serious, especially in France in the year 1968. As if Hippie counter-culture weren't enough, during this time, the French had to deal with the complete collapse of civil rights, and economic halt.  

Set during the period of one of the biggest protest movements in France (and that's saying something), Olivier Assayas paints a picture of the epicenter of all of this upheaval: students at university. 

However, the youths in Something in the Air (Apres Mai) don't only deal with social upheaval, they also deal with the most dreaded disappointment of all: failed relationships.  

In this film, love is just as hurtful and tumultuous as the government occupations of factories and universities across the country.  

Watch if you are a young cultural activist, and have a fondness for beautiful cinematography and melancholy love stories.  

Nicole Eicholtz

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