A Happy Event (Un Heureux événement)

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. With Josiane Balasko, Louise Bourgoin.

It begins with Louise Bourgoin, and Pio Marmaï, immersing themselves in a cheesy but magical romance. This is cut short however, by an all too detailed account of motherhood, and the havoc it wreaks on your career, sex-life and sanity. Turning pregnancy into a cutesy and emotional version of the movie Alien, and turning the idea of having an infant in the house into an all out terrifying experience, you truly feel for the young couple as they go through so much life in all of 107 minutes.  

Serving as both birth control for singles, and what I assume, therapy for new moms, A Happy Event is a story of the dangers, sacrifices, surprises, and beauties of moms young and old, everywhere.