Wild Life (2014, with English subtitles)

Each week, FrenchFlicks selects a French film available on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand or TV5Monde.

Among them, Wild Life, a psychological drama that will shake you to the core, and make you question yourself about parenting, nature, survival, and humanity.

Wild Life (Vie Sauvage)

Paco and Nora once were an ideally matched couple. Both loved nature, nomadic or semi-nomadic life and agreed to raise their children far from the corruption of the consumer society. But Nora, unlike Paco, grew tired of such a lifestyle and left Paco taking their children with her. Paco would not accept what he considered a betrayal, all the more since Nora had obtained custody of the children. Taking advantage of his access to his children, Paco took flight with his two sons, Tsali and Okyesa. Their escape was to last an amazing eleven years...

"Double-threat actor/director Mathieu Kassowitz's performance as the tyrannical Paco is nothing short of terrifying." - Film-Forward

Directed by: Cédric Kahn (France)
With: Mathieu Kassovitz, Céline Sallette, Romain Depret
Genre: Drama
Running time : 102 min

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