What to Watch on TV5MONDE in July 2022

Jean Dujardin in a historical parody - think Downton Abbey meets The Naked Gun -, a powerful drama on the men and women fighting against fire or a thrilling crime TV show set in the Réunion Island — these are just some of the programs to watch on TV5MONDE this month!

3 French films to watch in July

All French movies available on TV5MONDE

L'école buissonnière — July 3 at 8:35 pm ET/5:35 pm PT (also airs July 11, July 21, July 24)

Paris, 1930. Paul leaves the orphanage to join Célestine and her husband Borel, gamekeeper at a vast Sologne estate. Initially recalcitrant, the city boy gradually learns all the forest secrets forest with Totoche, a wily and elusive poacher. Until the day he learns that he didn't arrive there by chance...

Director: Nicolas Vanier(France, 2017)
With: François Cluzet, Jean Scandel, Eric Elmosnino
Genre: Dramedy in French with English subtitles

Watch it if you like: Wildlife sceneries, kids' films (ages 10-14), François Cluzet, French box-office hit Les Choristes

Les hommes du feu  July 17 at 8:35pm ET/ 5:35pm PT

Bénédicte, chief warrant officer, joins the staff of a fire station in the south of France. With the region plagued by innumerable fires she misses a victim during a delicate operation. The man dies soon afterwards in hospital leaving Philippe, station chief, with no choice but to launch an investigation...

Director: Pierre Jolivet (France, 2016)
Cast: JRoschdy Zem, Émilie Dequenne, Michaël Abiteboul
Genre: Drama in French with English subtitles

Watch it if you like: Films showing the reality of being a fireman, tense dramas, powerful films on human nature

Le retour du héros  July 31 at 8:40pm ET/ 5:40pm PT

1809, in Napoleonic France. Captain Neuville seduces young Pauline, promising faithfully to write to her as he heads off to fight the Austrians. But when Pauline's older sister Élisabeth realizes he isn't keeping his word, she begins writing a series of letters herself, signing them from Neuville...

Director: : Laurent Tirard (France, 2017)
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent, Noémie Merlant
Genre: Comedy in French with English subtitles

Watch if you like: Jean Dujardin (who doesn't!?), historical comedies, parodies, Downton Abbey


Favorite French series to watch in July

All French TV series available on TV5MONDE

OPJ, Season 2 — July 5 at 11:30 pm ET/8:30 pm PT

Jackson, also transferred to Réunion Island, joins the team after a three-month absence. Clarissa is more than surprised to meet Florian again, the husband she believed to have died two years ago. Gaspard and Jackson head a particularly sensitive case: the murder of a young woman and her baby's disappearance.
Director: François Bigrat, Stéphane Meunier (France, 2020)
Cast: Yaëlle Trulès, Antoine Stip, Nathan Dellemme, Marielle Karabeu, Hindra Armede
Genre: Thriller, in French with English subtitles

Watch if you like: CSI: Miami, The sublime and wild landscapes of the Réunion Island, French crime TV shows

The French documentary to watch in July

Every French documentary on TV5MONDE

Hêtre ou ne pas être — July 11 at 6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

Confronted with global warming and increasing land pollution, an ever-greater number of initiatives are being launched to build a greener France. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, men and women question our connection with trees. A connection that seems to have been lost, replaced by a more urban and digital world. But why?

Director: Daniel Miloch (France 2021)
Genre: Documentary in French with English subtitles

Watch if you like: Documentaries that gives you hope, portraits of civilians connected with nature, the south of France
Hêtre ou ne pas être ? - Environnement sur Télé 7 Jours


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