What to Watch in June on TV5MONDE

Between thrilling detective series and major popular comedies like OSS 117 and Coluche, l'histoire d'un mec, it's impossible to miss the June program on TV5MONDE.


Selfie (2018)

June 7 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A film of provocative vignettes on the current times that make us laugh, albeit uncomfortably, at our own addictions and neuroses related to new technologies.

In family or at school, at work or in romantic relationships, digital technology has invaded our lives. But as we wrestle with the laws of this new hyperconnected world, some end up cracking ... sometimes even to the edge of madness.

"The reason that Selfie makes such an impression... is that it doesn't only focus on all the bad or hopeless things that surround the boys." - Hollywood Reporter

Director: Thomas Bidegain, Marc Fitoussi, Tristan Aurouet, Cyril Gelblat, Vianney Lebasque 
Cast: Manu Payet (Romain), Blanche Gardin (Stéphanie), Elsa Zylberstein (Bettina), Max Boublil (Toon), Finnegan Oldfield (Florian), Sébastien Chassagne (Fabrice), Maxence Tual (Fred), Fanny Sidney (Emma)
Genre : Comedy

OSS 177, Rio ne répond plus (2007)

June 14 at 8.40 PM ET/11.40 PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A hilarious and cheeky parody of spy films, earning well deserved success at the box office, carried by the outrageous talent of Jean Dujardin.

Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, aka OSS 117, the best French spy, is responsible for a very important mission: to find a former Nazi officer hiding in Latin America. His investigation begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, he teams up with a charming Israeli spy.

"This light-hearted pastiche is a recommended antidote to Quantum of Solace." - Time Out

Director : Michel Hazanavicius
Cast : Jean Dujardin (OSS 117), Louise Monot (Dolorès), Alex Lutz (Heinrich), Rüdiger Vogler (Von Zimmel), Ken Samuels (Trumendous), Reem Kherici (Carlotta), Pierre Bellemare (Lesignac), Serge Hazanavicius (Staman)
Genre : Comedy

L'art du crime (Season 3) (2019)

June 14 at 11PM ET/8PM PT, in French with English subtitles

This series reinvigorates the detective genre by focusing on the art and culture of France. We get caught up in the search for clues along the way.

The body of a trainee-dancer is found at the Opéra Garnier, a poem by the artist Edgar Degas forced down his throat. Legend says that the ghost of the ''Little Fourteen Year-Old Dancer'', emblematic work by Degas of which the school owns a copy, haunts the building and attacks dancers.

"Described as detective and mystery entertainment, this tasty series plays on the hilariously unlikely pairing of the heroes, as well as their ability to decipher artwork to detect clues." - Le Parisien

Director : Elsa Bennett, Hippolyte Dard
Cast : Nicolas Gob (Antoine Verlay), Éléonore Bernheim (Florence Chassagne), Dounia Coessens (Juliette Mariton), Agustin Galiana (Esteban Cortes)
Genre : Crime, comedy

Coluche, l'histoire d'un mec (2007)

June 21 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

Avoiding the traditional clichés of a biopic that seeks to "tell all" but essentially says nothing, Antoine de Caunes focuses on the unusual personality of Coluche, a generous and ambitious man, trapped in the politics of his time.

September 1980. Coluche is at the peak of his glory. Always one to push the boundaries, he decides to run for president, for a laugh. Very soon the polls take a surprising turn. What if a clown was elected president? He starts to believe.

"Instead of serving as one more overly celebratory tribute (La Môme, Sagan), this is a chronicle of an era... Francois Xavier Demaison, a comic and showman himself... has mostly rediscovered thespirit, the tone, theshine. Rather than an imitation, he succeeds in a realistic recreation ." - Télérama

Director: Antoine de Caunes 
Cast: François-Xavier Demaison (Coluche), Léa Drucker (Véronique), Olivier Gourmet (Jacques), Laurent Bateau (Jean-Paul), Denis Podalydès (Attali), Jean-Pierre Martins (Romain), Alexandre Astier (Reiser), Serge Riaboukine (Éric)
Genre : Biopic

OPJ Pacifique Sud (Season 1) (2019)

June 28  at 11.05 PM ET/8.05 PM PT, in French with English subtitles

This detective series taking place in the magnificent landscapes of New Caledonia will not disappoint. A fresh style and script.

Inspector Clarissa Hoarau's police squad welcomes a new officer from Paris, Jackson Bellerose. A new colleague who, as soon as he arrives, demonstrates a remarkable level of arrogance. In addition, he seems to prefer leading his investigations according to his own rules, which does nothing to help his integration.

Director : François Bigrat
Cast: Yaëlle Trulès (Clarissa Hoarau), Antoine Stip (Gaspard Watson), Nathan Dellemme (Jackson Bellerose), Marielle Karabeu (Kelly Kwaté), Hindra Armede (Agathe Hoarau), Clémentine Julienne (Joséphine Fleury), Julia Paul (Manon Lambert), Alexandre Varga (Raphaël Mayer)
Genre : Crime

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