TV5MONDE: The best of French cinema in December

It's Christmas time! The month of family comedies, holiday special episodes of your favorite French TV series and documentaries about French mountains and art de vivre à la française!


3 French movies to watch this December

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RAID Dingue—December 9 at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT

Johanna Pasquali, an absent-minded dreamer, trains relentlessly to achieve her ambition of becoming the first woman to join the elite RAID police unit! Admitted to the official training center, for obscure and political reasons, she finds herself in the group run by Eugène Froissard, the most misogynist of all policemen.

Director: Dany Boon (France 2016)
Cast: Alice Pol, Dany Boon, Michel Blanc, Yvan Attal
Genre: Comedy, in French with English Subtitles

Watch it if you like: Slapstick humor, French comedies, Dany Boon's Welcome to the Sticks (Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis)

Papa ou Maman—December 16 at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT

Florence and Vincent Leroy are a model couple. They have great jobs, a perfect marriage and delightful children. And now they want their divorce to be an equal success. But when they are both simultaneously promoted to their dream jobs, their relationship becomes a nightmare. From that moment on, the gloves are off, the two exes declare war and will do everything in their power to NOT have custody of their children.

Director: Martin Bourboulon (France 2014)
Cast: Marina Foïs, Laurent Lafitte, Alexandre Desrousseaux, Michel Vuillermoz
Genre: Comedy

Watch it if you like: French family comedies, caustic humor, the late 80's classic The War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, John Huges' comedy

Le doudou—December 28 at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT

Disaster: Michel has lost his daughter's favorite teddy! To find it he offers a reward and places a series of wanted posters throughout the airport. Sofiane, employee at Roissy, sees an opportunity to earn a bit of money and contacts Michel, pretending to have found the precious cuddly toy.

Director: Philippe Mechelen, Julien Hervé (France 2017)
Cast: Kad Merad, Malik Bentalha, Romain Lancry
Genre: Comedy, in French with English Subtitles

Watch it if you like: French movie for kids, Les Tuche franchise, slick and silly romps


French TV series to watch this December

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Fais pas ci, fais pas ça – Y aura-t-il Noël à Noël—December 24 at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT (English ST)

This year the Lepic parents are breaking the sacrosanct tradition: instead of celebrating Christmas with their children, they're heading for Las Vegas to see Céline Dion. As for the Bouleys, they're hoping to offer their offspring a simple, environmentally friendly celebration. But their children would really rather have a classic Christmas.

Director: Michel Leclerc (France 2020)
Cast: Valérie Bonneton, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Isabelle Gélinas, Bruno Salomone, Yaniss Lespert
Genre: Comedy (TV Film)

Watch it if you like: Full House, Step by Step, French TV comedies, family sitcoms

French documentary to watch this December

Val d’Aoste—December 9 at 3:00 pm ET/12:00 pm PT (English ST)

On the border between France and Switzerland, framed by four mountain peaks towering to 4,000 meters, the Aosta Valley offers unspoiled natural landscapes and a rich Alpine heritage. A little corner of Italy whose delicious gastronomy reveals all the flavour of its cheese, delicatessen meats and wine.

Director: Éric Bacos (France 2021)

Watch it if you like: Documentaries about France's landscapes, cheese & wine, skiing and French art de vivre!

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