The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in October

A TV show inspired by one of the most famous serial killer cases in Europe, a classic 90's French feel-good movie or a journey through the street art world are just some of the programs available this month on TV5MONDE and TV5MONDEplus.

2 French films to watch in October

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La forêt de mon père
October 16 at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT ; October 24 at 11:30pm/8:30pm PM ET. Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus
Gina's bond with her mentally troubled father begins to fade away after he is admitted to the hospital. She discovers love and solace after befriending Nico, her neighbor.

Director: Véro Cratzborn (Belgium, France, Switzerland, 2020)
With: Ludivine Sagnier, Alban Lenoir, Léonie Souchaudélia Jordana, Xun Liang
Genre: Drama in French with English subtitles

Watch it if you like: Movies that touch upon difficult yet eye-opening themes - in this case a father's mental health, the fabulous Ludivine Sagnier, stories of teenage rebellion

Le huitième jour
October 2 at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT ; October 10 at 11:30/8:30pm PT. Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus

Harry, senior manager in a bank, is a man alone. His wife has left him, taking their two young daughters. But everything changes when he meets Georges, a young man with Down syndrome, a runaway living in the present moment. Two people, apparently worlds apart but who become inseparable...
Director: Jaco Van Dormael (France, 1996)
With: Daniel Auteuil, Pascal Duquenne
Genre: Dramedy in French with English subtitles
Awards: Palme d’Or nomination, Best Actor winner (both actors) 1996 Cannes Film Festival

Watch it if you like: Classic 90's French Movies, the fascinating duo of Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne, feel-good movies

The French documentaries to watch in October

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Sur les murs, season 2
October 2, 9, 16, 23 at 6:00pm ET/ 3:00pm PT ; October 30 at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT. Season 1 also streaming on TV5MONDEplus

Explore urban culture with contemporary artist Richard Orlinsk. The host travels throughout the world, interviewing French-speaking street artists, and ending with the creation of a joint work. 

Director: Matthieu Valluet (France, 2022)
With: Richard Orlinski
Genre: Documentary series in French with English subtitles

Watch it if you like: Travelling through art, urban and underground culture

Sur les murs - Miami (1) | TV5MONDE Europe

L'hôtel du temps: Dalida
October 3 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT ; October 6 at 1:30pm ET/8:30pm PT

With the help of cutting-edge technology, enabling actors to have the faces and voices of celebrities who are no longer with us, host Thierry Ardisson gives audiences a new look into the life of Dalida, even 35 years after her death.
Director: Serge Khalfon (France, 2022)
Host: Thierry Ardisson
Genre: Documentary biopic
Watch it if you like: French music, biopics of complex artists


Favorite French series to watch in October

All French TV series available on TV5MONDE

Ennemi Public
October 2, 9, 16, 23 octobre at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT ; October 30 at 12:30pm ET/9:30pm PT. Season 1 and 2 disponible streaming on TV5MONDEplus

A child murderer released on parole, Guy Béranger is welcomed by the monks of the abbey of Vielsart, a quiet little village in the Ardennes. He is placed under the protection of Chloé Muller, a young federal police inspector, convinced that, sooner or later, the former criminal will re-offend.

Director: Gary Seghers, Matthieu Frances, Gilles de Voghel (France, 2019)
With: Stéphanie Blanchoud, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Clément Manuel, Angelo Bison, Phillippe Jeusette
Genre: Thriller in French with English subtitles

Watch it if you like: Making a Murderer and Dateline, the Jeffrey Dahmer story, series inspired by true events


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