The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in November

Prepare to experience a variety of emotions on TV5MONDE, all month long! This November, choose between Tout le monde debout, the hilarious and tender first film of director Frank Dubosc, the documentary full of hope, Nul homme n'est une île, or the riveting drama about family and exile with Roschdy Zem, Ma fille.

Tout le monde debout (2018)

November 3 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, In French with English subtitles

For the first time, Frank Dubosc is behind the camera and succeeds in creating a tender and cheerful romantic comedy that delicately addresses the subject of disability. Alexandra Lamy is radiant.
Jocelyn is a prosperous businessman, womanizer and inveterate liar. Bored by his easy life, he sets out to seduce a pretty young woman. She believes him to be disabled and he decides to play along. The situation becomes more complicated when she presents her sister, who really is paraplegic!

"The story progresses with fluidity and agility, mostly thanks to its excellent cast."El Mundo

Directed by : Franck Dubosc
With : Franck Dubosc (Jocelyn), Alexandra Lamy (Florence), Elsa Zylberstein (Marie), Gérard Darmon (Max), Caroline Anglade (Julie), Laurent Bateau (Lucien), Claude Brasseur (Jocelyn's father), François-Xavier Demaison (the priest)
Genre : Comedy

Nul homme n'est une île (2018)

November 10 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, In French with English subtitles

A marvellous documentary, full of humanity and void of all dogmatism, the film explores the contours of another society. Beauty fills the screen with beautiful mountainous landscapes of Sicily, Austria and Switzerland.
From Sicily to the Alpine regions, we meet those who work locally to keep the spirit of democracy alive. Far from the usual arguments for immediate profit, they develop projects that encourage mutual help, cooperation and social ties. And what if the last chance for utopia was at this local level?
"Solidarity and respect for the land are the key themes of this earnest film, evoking a gilimmer of hope." - Le Journal du Dimanche
Directed by : Dominique Marchais
Genre : Documentary

Volontaire (2018)

November 17 at 8.35PM ET/5:35PM PT, In French with English subtitles

The director immerses us in a universe rarely approached from a female point of view, making a film that is sincerely documented and perfectly interpreted by Diane Rouxel and Lambert Wilson.
Laure, 23 years old, daughter of a famous actress, decides to join the navy to everyone's surprise. The young woman is trying to find herself, seeking a structure for her life. Drawn to combat training despite her frail physical appearance and everyone's attempts to discourage her, her determination never wavers...
"The standout of the film is clearly Rouxel. After bit parts in films such as 2015 Cannes opener Standing Tall, she here tackles her first lead role with ease." - Hollywood Reporter
Directed by : Hélène Fillières
With: Lambert Wilson (Rivière), Diane Rouxel (Laure), Corentin Fila (Loïc), Alex Descas (Albertini), Hélène Fillières (Weber)
Genre : Drama

Ma fille (2018)

Novembre 24 at 8.30PM ET/5.30PM PT, In French with English subtitles

Half drama, half thriller, Ma fille is first and foremost an interesting look at parent-child relationships when it comes to exile. Roschdy Zem flourishes in one of the best roles of his career.

Hakim and Latifa fled the Algerian civil war to settle in the Jura with their two daughters. The eldest, Leïla, is now studying in Paris. Three days before Christmas she sends a brusque text message to say she can't come. Worried, Latifa persuades Hakim to go and find her...

“As a portrait of modern-day Paris and its discontents, Ma Fille packs a subtle punch– Hollywood Reporter

Directed by : Naidra Ayadi
With : Roschdy Zem (Hakim), Natacha Krief (Nedjma), Darina Al Joundi (Latifa), Camille Aguilar (Jessica), Doria Achour (Leïla), Faycal Safi (Morad), Meriem Serbah (Dounia)
Genre : Drama

Cut (2019)

November 6 at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT, In English with French subtitles

This series, co-created by the director of the famous documentary, Les yeux dans les Bleus is notorious for the beautiful landscapes of Reunion Island as well as its countless twists and turns!

New challenges for everyone in this sixth and final season set against the idyllic background of Reunion Island: Adil puts his heart into organic farming; Laura has romantic problems again and Charles marries Hélène. Angèle has returned to studying medicine; Jules launches a startup whilst Lulu blossoms as a journalist.
"Almost entirely shot on the magnificent Reunion Island amidst the glittering Indian Ocean, Cut revives the young adult genre." - Le Monde
Directed by : François Bigrat, Liam Engle, Matthieu Vollaire, Pascal Roy, David Hourrègue
With : Ambroise Michel (Adil), Élodie Varlet (Angèle), Édouard Montoute (Ruben), Stéphane Metzger (Maxime), Julie Boulanger (Laura), Antoine Stip (Charles), Sébastien Capgras (Jules), Nadia Richard (Lulu), Vincent Vermignon (Stefan)
Genre : Drama (Series)

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