The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in June

In June, TV5MONDE celebrates adolescence in all its glory, presenting several spectacular films on the difficult transition to adulthood. 

BIM Experience (2019)

June 19 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

U.S. Premiere. An education on Beninese artists.

From the first casting sessions to creating the repertoire and the concerts Europe, Africa and New York, the film recounts the adventure of a unique group: BIM. This collective group of artists from Benin has given the voodoo origins back to rock and rap. An exceptional musical project.

Director: Axel Vanlerberghe, Jérôme Ettinger
Genre: Documentary

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L'ordre des médecins (2018)

June 23 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

A moving story of pulling back the curtain on the super-hero public image doctors possess, exposing their human vulnerability and raw emotion when life goes unexpected.

37 year-old Simon is an experienced doctor who sees illness and death on a daily basis in his pneumonology department. He has learnt to protect himself by keeping emotion at a professional distance. But when his mother is hospitalised in a nearby unit, his certainties and beliefs falter...

"Roux’s film, which catches us off guard with its generosity and sincerity, where subtle looks and gestures unwittingly convey the doubts, hopes and memories of individuals who are frighteningly similar to you and me." - Cineuropa

Director: David Roux (France 2017)
Cast: Jérémie Renier (Simon), Marthe Keller (Mathilde), Zita Hanrot (Agathe), Alain Libolt (Sylvain), Maud Wyler (Julia), Frédéric Epaud (Fred)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 33m

Fauves (2018)

June 2 at 8:35PM ET/5:35PM PT, with English subtitles

Fauves is not your straightforward teen rebellion drama. Young Swiss director Robin Erard takes surrealism, vivid imagery and unpredictable dialogue to the next level.

Seventeen-year-old Oskar is waiting for only one thing: to become legally adult and begin a new life in Zimbabwe. But Elvis, his guardian is totally opposed to the idea. He is determined that Oskar will pass his diploma. The two men gradually become locked in a violent duel...

“With its surreal undertones and pervasive sense of mystery, the first full-length feature by Robin Erard... is a genuine surprise"– Cineuropa

Director: Robin Erard (Switzerland 2018) 
Cast: Zacharie Chasseriaud (Oskar Petignat), Jonathan Zaccaï (Elvis Egger), Michel Voïta (Huguenin), Bérénice Baôo (Fanny Egger), Sabine Timoteo (Nathalie Roduit), Isaline Prévost (Zoé Roduit), Cédric Djedje (Damien Donzé) 
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 23m

Luna (2017)

June 30 at 8:35PM ET/5:35PM PT, with English subtitles

A poignant feature film that describes with harshness and realism the violence that sometimes results from the passage into adulthood. The actors are all very talented, depicting strong character identities and raw emotion.

During a night of drunken revelry, a woman and her friends attack a young stranger for amusement. The woman must grapple with some tough decisions when the stranger takes a new job where she works.

"Elsa Diringer directs realistic debut feature film about a 16-year-old girl trying to free herself from the mistakes of her past" - Cineuropa

Director: Elsa Diringer (2017) 
Cast: Laëtitia Clément (Luna), Rod Paradot (Alex), Lyna Khoudri (Chloé), Julien Bodet (Ruben), Frédéric Pierrot (Sébastien), Juliette Arnaud (Corinne)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 33m

Baby Balloon (2013)

June 16 at 8.35PM ET/5:35PM PT, with English subtitles

Bici is a refreshingly imperfect, passionate female character with a strong sense of self. It's the kind of film that has the cult potential you expect from Juno, Little Miss Sunshine or the German flick Wetlands.

Curvaceous and talented, eighteen-year-old Bici, sings in a rock band with Vince, a childhood friend she has always had a secret crush on. So, when a certain Anita arrives in the life of the group and that of Vince, Bici does everything possible to eliminate her rival!

“Two mesmerising portraits for the price of one.” - Times (UK)

Director: Stefan Liberski (Belgium, France 2013) 
Cast: Ambre Grouwels (Bici), César Domboy (Vince), Philippe Rebbot (Mitch), Pauline Parigot (Anita), Isabelle de Hertogh (Félicie), Allan Hoffmann (Giant), Valentin Vermeire (Luc), Arthur Orcier (Bastien), Françoise Oriane (Mamita) 
Genre: Dramatic Comedy
Run time: 1h 44m

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