The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in February

This month, TV5MONDE, celebrates compelling documentaries and cinematic excellence of the Francophone world! On February 3, relish in the best of Belgian cinema with the documentary film Enfants du hasard, nominated last year for a Magritte award. Subtile satires also come to the spotlight with Qui c'est les forts and Les tribulations d'une caissière.


Mme Mills une voisine si parfaite (2017)

February 23 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A feel-good movie largely inspired by Mrs. Doubtfire, enhanced by the interpretations of Sophie Marceau and Pierre Richard.

Hélène, publisher of romantic novels, sees her everyday life turned upside down when Mrs. Mills 

moves into her apartment block. This eccentric American rapidly seems to take over her life. But who is Mrs. Mills really? What does she have to gain by getting close to Helène?
"In the vein of Tootsie, and Mrs. Doubtfire, this comedy offers us an incredibly written and fast paced story. "CNews
Directed by : Sophie Marceau
Cast : Sophie Marceau (Hélène), Pierre Richard (Mrs Mills), Nicolas Vaude (Édouard), Bastien Ughetto (Charles), Léna Bréban (Mathilde), Ling Dong Fu (Ming Pei), Gaël Zaks (Stephen Boyd), Stéphane Bissot (the caretaker)
Genre : Comedy

Enfants du hasard (2017)

February 3 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A sweet documentary on children of (mostly Turkish) migrants throughout the school year, taking place in a small village in the Liège region. An interesting look at education, but also at the way children build identity.
It's their last year at primary school. Brigitte, their teacher, does her best to gently prepare her young pupils for their future in a complex world. Most have Turkish origins, their grandparents abandoned everything to come and work in the coalmines. Brigitte helps them to retrace the route travelled.
"A moving documentary which dives into the heart of a primary school class in a former mining town...this portrait is both enthusiastic and optimistic." - Cineuropa
Directed by: Thierry Michel, Pascal Colson
Genre : Documentary

Qui c'est les plus forts (2014)

February 9 at 8.30PM ET/5.30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

Charlotte de Turckheim is inspired by English satires and brings a tender and sincere look at a rather difficult subject, skillfully avoiding any deep melancholy.

Sam lives with her best friend Céline, she is also unemployed and fighting to retain custody of 

her little sister. Together, Sam and Céline imagine every possible way of making ends meet, from a sex chat line to flower arranging! Until the day a couple make them an unexpected proposition...

“Enriched by the sparkling Alice Pol and Audrey Lamy, this comedy combines humor and emotion, with its success is mainly due to its flowery dialogue.– CNews

Directed by : Charlotte de Turckheim
Cast : Alice Pol (Sam), Audrey Lamy (Céline), Bruno Sanches (Dylan), Anna Lemarchand (Kim), Grégory Fitoussi (Paul), Charlotte de Turckheim (Ms Galacher)
Genre : Comedy

Les tribulations d'une caissière (2011)

February 2 at 8.30PM ET/5.30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

Inspired by a cashier's blog, this sentimental comedy is a heavenly social chronicle.
If Solweig, a supermarket checkout assistant, manages to keep smiling despite a horrible boss and all the disagreeable remarks by customers, it’s certainly thanks to her secret blog! Each day she recounts her difficulties with humor. Followed by a limited audience at first, the media begins to take an interest...
“Rambaldi creates a jubilant social comedy. Déborah François brings an irresistible freshness and charm." - Télé 7 Jours
Directed by : Pierre Rambaldi 
Cast: Déborah François (Solweig), Elsa Zylberstein (Marie), Nicolas Giraud (Charles), Gilles Cohen (Fred)Firmine Richard (Sandy), Alice Belaidi (Leïla), Jean-Luc Couchard (Mercier), Marc Lavoine (Mr. Ferry)
Genre : Comedy

Ultimatum (2008)

February 16 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A love story against the backdrop of a global political crisis. A realistic account of daily life overturned by war.

Jerusalem, December 1990. Luisa and Nathanaël are a French couple with a violent and 

complex relationship. Tensions that are about to intensify as Saddam Hussein threatens the city with chemical and biological weapons. How can you live when life hangs from a thread? When the apocalypse could actually happen?

"Original, well written, and performed with conviction, this film mixes history with romance with an unyielding lucidity." - Paris Match

Directed by : Alain Tasma
Cast : Gaspard Ulliel (Nathanaël), Jasmine Trinca (Luisa), Sara Adler (Tamar), Lior, Ashkenazi (Gil), Hannah Lazlo (Bella), Michel Boujenah (Victor), Anna Galiena (Rachel), Hannah Laslo (Bella)
Genre : Drama

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