The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in August

TV5MONDE's August selection will take you from the beaches of Ibiza to the Swiss mountains, with a detour through 19th century Paris! 

Ibiza (2018)

August 2 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A welcome distraction during Covid times. Ideal for the whole family to enjoy together on one of these lazy days of summer.

Willing to do anything to be accepted by his new partner’s children, Philippe makes a promise to the eldest: if he receives his baccalaureate, he will be able to choose their holiday destination.

"We watch this film to take a dose of sun, exoticism and good natured humor and that does us the greatest good." - Femme Actuelle

Director: Arnaud Lemort 
Cast: Christian Clavier (Philippe), Mathilde Seigner (Carole), Joeystarr (Frankie), Olivier Marchal (Pascalou), Frédérique Bel (Fleur), Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Michel)
Genre: Comedy

Pop rédemption (2012)

August 9 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

Against the backdrop of the crisis of entering one's 30s, Martin Le Gall weaves a crazy feel-good movie with a delightfully seventies atmosphere.

Every summer since they were teenagers, the Dead MaKabés have been travelling for their summer tour: a few festival concerts in far-flung corners of Europe. However, these four black metal lovers are going through their early-thirties crisis and this week of amusement may well be the last.

In this comedy with a bit of schoolboy humor, ex Nouvelle Star (France's American Idol) winner Julien Doré, in satanic garb, proves irresistible as a black metal singer, Alice Cooper style." - Le Journal du Dimanche

Director: Martin Le Gall 
Cast: Julien Doré (Alex), Grégory Gadebois (JP), Yacine Belhousse (Erik), Jonathan Cohen (Pascal), Audrey Fleurot (Martine Georges), Alexandre Astier (head of the Research Unit), Délia Espinat-Dief (Julia)
Genre: Comedy

La source (2018)

August 20 at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT, in French with English subtitles

A refreshing summer comedy about the desire for freedom.

Forced to take over the family plumbing business after the sudden death of his father, Samir has a sudden revelation: what he really wants to do is become a surfer! From then on, he does everything possible to make his dream come true. Beginning by the basics: learning to swim.

"On the eternal theme of bettering oneself, this tale rich in positive values offers a perfect leading role to French rapper Sneazzy, who takes his first steps as an actor while also giving Fred Testot and Alice David their time to shine."20 Minutes
Director: Rodolphe Lauga
Cast: Sneazzy (Samir), Christophe Lambert (Tony), Alice David (Julie), Fred Testot (Patrick), Christine Citti (Danièle), Pascal Demolon (M. Drollet), Jean-François Cayrey (Lionnel Pommier)
Genre: Drama, comedy

La folle échappée (2019)

August 24 at 4.05 PM ET/1.05 PM PT, in French with English subtitles

An invigorating documentary series on seniors looking for adventure. Bonus points for filling it with humanity and beautiful rolling landscapes.

69 year-old Francine is a hyperactive and ever-inquisitive grandmother, interested in everything and forever in search of new thrills. At 70, Alain is more of a stay-at-home intellectual. The journey begins in Prilly for this very complementary couple. On the program: water-skiing, paragliding and a night in the tree-tops.

Director: Vanessa Bapst
Genre: Docu-series

La folle échappée - Michèle et Francine, de Châtel-St-Denis ...

L'empereur de Paris (2018)

August 30 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, in French with English subtitles

This historical thriller with fabulous sets and five-star cast (Vincent Cassel, Fabrice Luchini, Patrick Chesnais) pays a beautiful tribute to the fascinating Vidocq. Don't miss this immensely popular and successful film.

The 1800s. Vidocq, a famous escaped convict, is suspected of murder. Pleading innocence, he offers the head of the Sûreté a deal: he'll help combat the major criminal gangs in exchange for his freedom. The other policemen are furious, in the underworld a price has been put on his head.

"Jean-François Richet's film is a stimulating approach to capturing the life of Eugène-François Vidocq." - Fotogramas

Directed by:Jean-François Richet
Cast: Vincent Cassel (Vidocq), Patrick Chesnais (Henry), August Diehl (Nathanaël), Olga Kurylenko (the baroness), Denis Lavant (Maillard), Freya Mavor (Annette), Denis Ménochet (Dubillard), Jérôme Pouly (Courtaud), James Thiérrée (the duke), Fabrice Luchini (Fouché)
Genre: Drama

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