The Five French Films to Watch on TV5Monde in April

For the month of April, TV5MONDE  is showcasing such a well-rounded program, you won't have any trouble finding something that suits every taste, temperament and mood imaginable. The latest and greatest fashion documentary comes from Africa this spring in Noémie Lenoir, Antoine Rivière's Habille-nous Africa. There is also of course your fair share of psychological thrillers, social commentaries, and cheeky Romcoms!

Habille-nous Africa (2019)

April 3 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

A true story of extraordinary beauty. For anyone fascinated by Africa's unique artistic expression and inspiration. I think we can all agree: Fierce.

The greatest names in haute couture have taken their inspiration from African fabrics, materials and patterns. But how is the fashion industry actually doing, in Africa itself? Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon... Noémie Lenoir meets those involved in the sector to understand its paradoxes, weaknesses and successes.

Directed by: Noémie Lenoir, Antoine Rivière
Genre: Documentary

Fleuve noir (2018)

April 7 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

For those looking for a contemporary film noir, Fleuve noir features a great cast, compelling character evolution and thrilling suspense until the very end.

Dany, the Arnault family’s teenage son, has disappeared. The case is assigned to François Visconti, a world-weary and disillusioned detective whose wife has just left him. The policeman investigates to find the missing teenager while he is reluctant to take care of his own son, Denis, 16, who seems to be mixed up in drug trafficking. When Mr. Bellaile, Dany’s French tutor, learns about his former student’s disappearance, he offers his services to the detective.

“Black Tide dispenses a tense intrigue about the torment of a detective.” - Butaca Ancha

Director: Erick Zonca
Cast: Vincent Cassel (François Visconti), Romain Duris (Yann Bellaile), Sandrine Kiberlain (Solange Arnault), Élodie Bouchez (Lola Bellaile), Charles Berling (Marc) 
Genre: Crime, Drama 
Run time: 1hr 54m

Joueurs (2018)

April 14 at 8:25PM ET/5:25PM PT, with English subtitles

One of the most underrated genres of the century: Crime Romance. Abel might seem a bit rough around the edges, but Ella sees a dashing, hardworking businessman who will lead her on an adventure... and quite possibly into danger.

 When she meets Abel, Ella’s life is turned upside down. Irresistibly drawn to this elusive lover, the young woman discovers the cosmopolitan, underground worldof Paris’ gaming circles, where adrenaline and money reign supreme. Their love story, begun as a mere bet, turns into a devouring passion.

“Monge has created a satisfying drama of doomed obsession, the gambler's thrill that staves off, for a few moments, a weariness with life."– Guardian

Director: Marie Monge 
Cast: Tahar Rahim (Abel), Stacy Martin (Ella), Bruno Wolkowitch (Ivo), Karim Leklou (Nacim), Marie Denarnaud (Sandra), Jean-Michel Correia (Diako), Henri-Noël Tabary (Romain) 
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 48m

Ami-ami (2018)

April 21 at 8.45PM ET/5:45PM PT, with English subtitles

Victor Saint Macary's modern and playful romcom reminds us of a more sophistocated Friends with Benefits or Trainwreck. William Lebghil (Vincent) and Margot Bancilhon (Nefeli) have a sparkling chemistry that keeps you wanting more.

Fresh out of a painful breakup, Vincent decides he will never again have his heart broken or go through the hassle of living together. Instead, he will share a flat with his best friend Nefeli... who happens to be a girl. The golden rule of the house is that friendship tops romance, and the occasional one night stand, no strings attached, is the maximum space that can be granted to third parties. After several weeks of festive, carefree bliss, Vincent meets Julie, and breaks the rule.

"A well-written comedy, that can rely on its great cast and its punchy dialogues" - aVoir-aLire

Director: Victor Saint Macary
Cast: William Lebghil (Vincent), Margot Bancilhon (Nefeli), Camille Razat (Julie), Jonathan Cohen (Frédéric), Béatrice de Staël (Elena), Hubert Saint Macary (Henri), Christophe Odent (Christophe), Marie-Christine Orry (Morland), Nicolas Wanczycki (Petament) 
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1h 26m

Vent du nord (2017)

April 28 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

It wouldn't be a French film subscription list if a gritty, moving social drama weren't included. Cleverly done and expertly written with tons of perspective, the film is a fascinating depiction of the many real "working man" stories of today, shown in different parts of the world.

In France, Hervé's factory is being relocated. Dreaming of becoming a fisherman, and despite his colleague's jeers, he accepts the severance pay. In Tunis, Foued regains hope. Employed by the relocated factory he'll finally be able to care for his mother. But, like Hervé, he hits a wall of bureaucracy...

"In a simple yet effective way, it underscores how, no matter where you live, a job is a job, while people will always struggle to reconcile their dreams with reality." - Hollywood Reporter

Director: Walid Mattar (France, Tunisia, Belgium)
Cast: Corinne Masiero (Véronique), Philippe Rebbot (Hervé), Mohammed Amine Hamzaoui (Foued), Kacey Mottet-Klein (Vincent), Abir Bennani Zarouni (Karima), Khaled Brahmi (Chiheb), Thierry Hancisse (Bernard)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 29m

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