The 5 French films to watch on TV5MONDE in September

Jean Dujardin's latest comedy, Omar Sy in the biopic of the first French black entertainer, and some moving dramas will be broadcast this month on TV5MONDE, all with English subtitles!

Un homme à la hauteur (2016)

September 2 at 8.30PM ET, with English subtitles

Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira star in this recently-released comedy of two people who find love over the phone. Once they meet, the woman is surprised to learn her mystery man is not exactly as she had envisioned.

Diane, a recently divorced lawyer, is free at last to find love. By chance, she gets a call from someone called Alexandre who's found her lost mobile phone. Alexandre is polite, funny and obviously educated. When the couple meet, she is astonished to find that he is very short. She works to overcome her own concerns with this and enjoy life instead.

Dujardin and Efira are both charming and beautiful, and the film glistens in its breezy cobblestoned scenery.” - Globe and Mail

Directed by: Laurent Tirard
Cast: Jean Dujardin (Alexandre), Virginie Efira (Diane), Cédric Kahn (Bruno), Stéphanie Papanian (Coralie)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime : 99’

Chocolat (2016)

September 9 at 8.30PM ET, with English subtitles

From anonymity to fame, witness the inspiring story of Chocolat (Omar Sy), France’s first black circus artist who transformed the Belle Époque.

The unstoppable rise of Chocolat, France's first black entertainer. In the late 19th century, the clown Footit, whose career had seen better days, spotted Rafael Padilla, a former Afro-Cuban slave, in a small provincial circus. The duo went on to enjoy immense popular acclaim.

"A lavish and increasingly involving study of fin-de-siècle racism." - The Guardian

Directed by: Roschdy Zem
Cast: Omar Sy (Chocolat), James Thiérrée (Footit), Thibault de Montalembert (Jules Moy), Clotilde Hesme (Marie), Olivier Gourmet (Oller)
Genre: Biography
Awards: 2 Césars in 2017 (Best supporting actor for James Thiérrée, Best production design), 2 Globes de Cristal in 2017 (Best film, Best actor for Omar Sy). 

La Villa (2017)

September 16 at 8.30PM ET, with English subtitles

Three grown children reflect on their past, present, and future upon the return to the seaside home of their aging father. Busy with the family's restaurant and father, the siblings also encounter some unexpected guests.

One winter, in a cove near Marseille, Angèle, Joseph and Armand gather around their ageing father. It's an opportunity for them to assess what remains of the ideals he instilled in them. Soon however, new arrivals from the sea will challenge their views.

"The House By the Sea is ultimately a deeply satisfying and occasionally moving experience." - CineVue

Directed by: Robert Guédiguian
Cast: Ariane Ascaride (Angèle), Jean-Pierre Darroussin (Joseph), Anaïs Demoustier (Bérangère), Gérard Meylan (Armand)
Genre: Drama
Awards: Several nominations (Césars 2018, Venice 2017) 

Keeper (2015)

September 23 at 8.30PM ET, with English subtitles

A touching story about two teenagers about to become parents.

Maxime and Mélanie are in love. Aged 15, they explore their sexuality together lovingly and clumsily. When Mélanie learns she's pregnant, Maxime isn't happy at the news. But he gradually comes around to the idea of being a father and persuades Mélanie to keep the baby.

"A subtil feature on the paradox of tenage years, beautifully incarnated by a very promosing cast" - aVoir-aLire

Directed by: Guillaume Senez
Cast: Kacey Mottet Klein, Galatéa Bellugi, Laetitia Dosch
Genre: Drama

Welcome Home (2015)

September 30 at 8.30PM ET, with English subtitles

After his mother remarries and with a new baby in the family, sixteen-year-old Lucas dreams of fleeing this stifling and bad-tempered environment. He takes to the highways with his childhood friend Bert, both unaware of the danger close at hand...

"A singular road-movie on the difficulties of leaving home" - Un Grand Moment

Director : Philippe de Pierpont
Cast : Arthur Buyssens (Bert), Martin Nissen (Lucas), Harry Cleven (le photographe), Estelle Marion (la femme du photographe), Emmanuelle Gilles-Rousseau (Laurie)
Genre : Drama
Awards: Mention spéciale du jury (FIFF Namur 2015), Prix du jury (FFE Virton 2015)

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