The 5 French films to watch on TV5MONDE in October

There's a variety of choices this month, including a wacky comedy, an insightful documentary and thrilling dramas. It will all be broadcast on TV5MONDE, with English subtitles!

La vie de château (2017)

October 2 at 8:20PM ET/5:20PM PT, with English subtitles

In a snappy and clever dramedy, featuring a cheeky cast and an urban backdrop, we follow the suave Charles, a used hair salesman in the Parisian district of Château d'Eau.

Paris, at the Château d'Eau station. Charles leads a group of touts employed by local Afro-Caribbean hairdressing businesses. The charismatic ''prince'' Charles reigns over his bit of the street. He even hopes to set up on his own behalf. But soon, an aggressive rival begins to squeeze him out.

"The screenwriting by both of the directors and Joseph Denize (from an original idea by Matthew Gledhill) is at its best here..." - Cineuropa

Directed by: Modi Barry, Cédric Ido (France, 2016)
Cast: Jacky Ido (Charles), Tatiana Rojo (Sonia), Jean-Baptiste Anoumon (Moussa), Félicité Wouassi (Djenaba), Zirek Ahmet (Mourat).
Genre: Dramedy
Run time: 1hr 21m

Si tu voyais son cœur (2017) 

October 7 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

Gael Garcia Bernal leads this mysterious thriller, playing an on the run outcast who meets his match Francine in a grim neon-lit motel. Director Chemla styles the artistic shots that seem to be reminiscent of Melville, Gaspard Noe and even the Coen Brothers.

Daniel is cast out of his community after the death of his best friend. He finds refuge in a hotel for castaways and broken souls and drifts into crime. An unexpected ray of light enlivens his existence when he meets Francine. 

"An interesting script, co-written with Santiago Amigorena... Gael Garcia Bernal gives a very solid interpretation..." - Cine PREMIERE

Directed by: Joan Chemla
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal (Daniel), Marine Vacth (Francine), Nahuel Pére Biscayart (Costel), Karim Leklou (Michel), Mariano Santiago (Lucho), Manuel "Manole" Munoz (Pepe), Antonia Malinova (Sylvie), Patrick de Valette (Franck) Abbes Zahmani (Ali), Théophile Sowié (Louis), Alba Galocha (Maria) 
Genre: Drama
Runtime : 1hr 26m

M (2017)

October 14 at 8.20PM ET/5:20 PM PT, with English subtitles

From Best Young Director award winning Sara Forestier comes a heartfelt romance of outcasts, with one unable to speak and one who can't put pen to paper. Just as life pins them to the ground, the two find each other and vow to save the other, no matter the cost.

Lila and Mo meet at a bus stop. Lila has a paralyzing speech impediment. Mo is chatty and exuberant. Lila is preparing for her exams. Mo illegally races cars for a living. Opposites attract, and they fall in love. But Mo carries a secret burden...

"It's obvious to all that the director loves her characters very deeply...A convincing, fresh and lively debut." - Cineuropa

Directed by: Sara Forestier Cast: Sara Forestier (Lila), Redouanne Harjane (Mo), Jean-Pierre Léaud (Père de Lila), Liv Andren (Saraya), Nicolas Vaude (Mr. Tabaz), Djouhra Lacroix dite Djura (Mère de Mo), Guillaume Verdier (Franck), Rania (Naima), Maryne Cayon (Zoé), Sébastien Rocca dit Rocca (Luis), Nabil Selhy dit Nessbeal (Medhi)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 58m

Lola Pater (2017)

October 21 at 8.30PM ET/5:30PM PT, with English subtitles

Starring the legendary Fanny Ardant, this proves to be an emotional and delicate tale of a son searching for his long lost father. What he finds in the end is something he'd never expect.

When his mother dies, Zino decides to go looking for his father. But 25 years ago, Farid became Lola...

“Lola Pater does a beautiful job of conveying the full dimensionality of its characters — which, of course, is what it takes for outsiders to appreciate the complex journey of anyone who reinvents him/herself as radically as Farid does." - Variety

Directed by: Nadir Moknèche
Cast: Fanny Ardant (Lola), Tewfik Jallab (Zino), Nadia Kaci (Rachida), Véronique Dumont (Catherine), Bruno Sanches (Fred), Lucie Debay (Paula), Lubna Azabal (Malika), Baptse Moulart (Xavier), Lawrence Valin (Le réceptionniste)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1hr 35m

Le grand partage (2015)

October 28 at 9.20PM ET/6:20PM PT, with English subtitles

Social relevance meets wacky humor in this holiday movie about family and friends from different walks of life, and lending a helping hand those in need.

It's the worst winter ever. The government publishes a decree asking the better housed French citizens to welcome citizens in more precarious situations into their homes to wait out the cold storm. At the time of the Grand Partage, panic settles in for the residents of a chic building in the capital. 

"For her 4th film, Alexandra Leclère directs an audacious comedy on solidarity, carried by a impressive cast, among them the brilliant Valérie Bonneton." - Direct Matin

Directed by: Alexandra Leclère
Cast: Karin Viard (Christine Dubreuil), Didier Bourdon (Pierre Dubreuil), Valérie Bonneton (Béatrice Bretzel), Michel Vuillermoz (Grégory Bretzel), Josiane Balasko (La gardienne).
Genre: Dramatic comedy
Runtime:1hr 46m

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