Seeds of Death

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This month features Seeds of Death (Pars vite et reviens tard), a captivating thriller with countless plot twists. It's about a modern-day Parisian town crier discovering that someone is using him to give cryptic warnings of a plague outbreak in the city.

The bleakest and most claustrophobic nightmare of many a European actualizes in director Régis Wargnier's apocalyptic thriller Pars vite et reviens tard. Not long after his abandonment by his girlfriend, French police captain Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg is confronted by a string of bizarre signs strewn across Paris - strange talismans and omens that appear inexplicably on Parisian doors, whispered words that forebode an unspeakable onslaught of doom. All suggest someone's crude warning, and a riddle that Adamsberg must solve to stave off a coming tragedy - but the meaning eludes the captain until calamity hits: the Plague returns, wiping out scores of victims in its wake. And more problematically, it appears that some malevolent soul is single-handedly controlling the outbreak, willing it wherever he or she chooses.

Seeds of Death

“Un polar bien ficelé, à l'atmosphère trouble et mélancolique, aux rebondissements surprenants" - Metro

"Régis Wargnier a un vrai sens du romanesque, des lieux étranges, des caractères bizarres qui donnent à rêver." - Le Figaroscope

Director: Régis Wargnier (2007)
With : José GarciaLucas BelvauxMarie Gillain
Genre: Thriller
Subtitles: English
115 min.
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