Our September Selection of What to Watch on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand

In September TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand is honoring the prolific French New Wave director, Claude Charbol with a lineup that spans the breadth of his impressive career; from earlier films such as Juste avant la nuit and Les noces rouges, to his later works Au coeur du mensonge and Merci pour le chocolat.


Merci pour le chocolat (2000)

In French with English subtitles Available beginning September 13

Claude Chabrol manages to create a film with a tense atmosphere that rivals one of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. A cruel tale that's undoubtedly the director's best work.

Mika Muller, the CEO of a chocolate company, remarries André, a famous pianist, but when a young student begins piano lessons with André it becomes clear that Mika and André's marriage is not as harmonious as it seems.

"A tasty appetizer that leaves you wanting more." - Dallas Morning News

Director: Claude Chabrol (2000)
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc, Anna Mouglalis
Genre: Drama

Au cœur de mensonge (1999)

In French with subtitles. Available beginning September 6

A mysterious film which Claude Chabrol has fun with, bringing his signature mischief to the mise en scène. Jacques Gamblin is exceptional.

When a young girl is murdered in a small Breton town, the police identify René as the prime suspect, but René's life turns upside down when his quaint little village decides he is guilty despite the lack of evidence.

"Chabrol could do the traditional murder mystery and detective procedural as well as anyone but this is something else, a low-key study in suspicion, mistrust and small-town gossip where the details are suggested more than stated." - Stream on Demand

Director: Claude Chabrol (1971)
Cast: Michel Bouquet, Stéphane Audran, François Périer
Genre: Drama

Betty (1992)

In French with subtitiles. Available beginning September 6

Adapted from the Georges Simenon novel, this psychological drama is all at once a bittersweet portrait of a tragically lost woman and a sharp criticism of the Parisian bourgeoisie.

Betty, an alcoholic, is caught having an affair and her husband's wealthy family quickly arranges a divorce. With her life in ruins, Betty meets fellow alcoholic Laure, who befriends Betty after learning about her troubles.

"Chabrol has achieved a kind of control of his material that is remarkable." 

Director: Claude Chabrol 
Cast: Marie Trintignant, Stéphane Audran, Jean-François Garreaud
Genre: Drama

Inspecteur Lavardin (1986)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning September 27

After Poulet au vinaigre, Claude Chabrol revisits his inspector character and composes a complex and intriguing plot which is masterfully built.

Inspector Lavardin returns, this time to investigate the murder of Raoul Mons, a well-known writer who tried to morally police his village and whose widow is one of Lavardin's old flames.

"Jean Poiret appears in a cinematic role that's by far his best. Gregorious, whimsical, without morals, offensive and manipulative, Inspector Lavardin reveals to us one by one the many facets of his personality." - aVoir-aLire

Director: Claude Chabrol 
Cast: Jean Poiret, Jean-Claude Brialy, Bernadette Lafont
Genre: Drama

Les innocents aux mains sales (1975)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning September 20

Amidst a Hitchcockian atmosphere, classical direction and an overt critique of higher spheres, you can bet they're in the universe of Chabrol. The director succeeds in creating a rich story with twists, turns and surprises all along the way. 

Julie plots to murder her alcoholic husband, a wealthy businessman eighteen years her senior, but her plans quickly unravel when she discovers the morning after the murder that her lover is missing, and so is her husband's money.

“A superbly stylish and baroque crime thriller which marks a return for Chabrol to the bravura incorporation of pulp conventions that distinguished some of his earlier work- Time Out

Director: Claude Chabrol (1975)
Cast: Romy Schneider, Rod Steiger, Pierre Santini 
Genre: Drama


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