Our Selection of What to Watch in June on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand

This June, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand is offering a selection of captivating, feature length documentaries! Meet a wide variety of interesting people, including an ordinary farmer fighting for migrants' rights in Libre and young students who sing and dance their way through a rigorous hospitality training program in Les petits maîtres du grand hôtel.


In French with English subtitles. Available beginning June 26.

A documentary that avoids any bias on our youth's dreams of revolution (or lack thereof) and the detachment of political culture in new generations.

Through reenactments of cinema from after 1968, a young group of students attempts to explain the world they grew up in, the ways they wish to change or destroy it, and how they want to rebuild society.

"...a movie that offers up an interesting now vs. then comparison, placing today’s troubles in the light of past struggles..." - Hollywood Reporter

Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot
Genre: Documentary

Les petits maîtres du grand hôtel (2019)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning June 19.

A sparkling, funny and surprisingly musical documentary on the difficult job of a hôtelier. Sure to surprise and engage!

In a cross between a documentary and a musical, students at the Lasdiguières Hotel School sing and dance their way through a rigorous training program that will prepare them for work at the world’s most prestigious hotels.

"An end-to-end documentary... with singing and dancing. An enchanting behind the scenes of a demanding young person's job." - Les Fiches du Cinéma

Director: Jacques Deschamps
Genre : Documentary, musical

Libre (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning June 19.

An educational film on reception of refugees, displaying courage and hope in the face of a Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

A portrait of Céderic Herrou, a local farmer on the French-Italian border who shelters migrants in his backyard and fights the immigration policies that make it impossible for these families to seek asylum on French soil.

"A documentary that acutely identifies the complications of the bureaucratic machine and commands respect through its humanist sincerity." - aVoir-aLire

Director: Michel Toesca
Genre: Documentary

Entre nos mains (2010) 

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning June 5.

This documentary draws up magnificent portraits of brave and endearing women. A gripping film that leaves you in suspense as you follow the great fight of these workers.

When the lingerie factory they work at goes bankrupt, the workers turn it into a cooperative, but the realities of the marketplace give rise to fundamental economic and social questions.

"This admirable film thoroughly discusses emancipation and being in control of your destiny." - Critikat

Director: Mariana Otéro
Genre: Documentary

Je veux voir (2008) 

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning June 5.

An amazing documentary that takes a French cinema legend into uncharted territory. A strange trip out of the usual scope of war.

In the aftermath of a devastating war in Lebanon, Catherine Deneuve, an icon of French cinema, meets with actor Rabih Mroué in Beirut, and together they hope to bring attention to the places most affected by the conflict. 

"An ultra-realistic journey, and beautifully intimate." - Elle

Director: Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Rabih Mroué
Genre: Documentary

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