Our October selection of French films on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand

For the 6th year in a row, TV5MONDE is partnering with the Seattle International Film Festival to bring TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand viewers eight recently released and critically acclaimed films. SIFF's French Cinema Now Official Selections will be made available on October 5.

À 2 heures de Paris (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available on October 5

A beautiful first film on parenthood and facing the past, magnified by the georgeous landscape of France's courntryside.

Sidonie never knew who Lolo's father was. When her daughter starts to become curious they return to their home region, Picardy, in search of answers.

A well-observed portrait of a woman embarking on a new romance while also having a baby - though one that isn't hers to keep.” – Hollywood Reporter

Directed by: Virginie Verrier
Cast: Érika Sainte, Frédéric Testot, Thierry Frémont
Genre: Comedy

La prière (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available on October 5

A poignant documentary-style drama on a group of young men trying to exorcise their demons. Anthony Bajon deservedly  received the award for best actor at the Berlin Film Festival for his role as a drug addict enduring a life-changing experience.

To overcome his drug addiction, Thomas, 22, joins an isolated mountain community of former addicts who use prayer to cure themselves.

The unwavering human kindness of "The Prayer" - a film as clean and bracing as the mountain air that surrounds it - sees it through to something truthful.” – Variety

Directed by: Cédric Kahn
Cast: Anthony Bajon, Damien Chapelle, Alex Brendemühl
Genre: Drama

Première année (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available on October 5

Thomas Lilti, a former doctor, continues his introspection of med school students (4 years after the success of Hippocrates) in this semi-biographical comedy. Vincent Lacoste is, as usual, perfect as a young student facing the reality and absurdity of the system.

Antoine, starting his third first year of medical school, and Benjamin, just out of high school, team up and try to balance today's hardships with tomorrow's expectations.

Thomas Lilti directs a fresh and intelligent new comedy about the outrageous medical degree selection process, through the portrait of a friendship.” – Cineuropa

Directed by: Thomas Lilti
Cast: Vincent Lacoste, William Lebghil, Michel Lerousseau
Genre: Comedy

Place Publique (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available on October 5

A ferocious comedy from Agnès Jaoui packed with witty dialogues and a remarkable comment on the reach for fame and money.

Castro, a cynical TV host with declining ratings, attends a housewarming party for his producer, Nathalie, and clashes with his ex-wife Agnès, who is also Nathalie's sister.

“...another solid work from Jaoui that explores not only the age-old quirks and idiosyncrasies of the well-off and privileged but also, more generally, contemporary issues such as the influence of the internet and social media..."The Hollywood Reporter 

Directed by: Agnès Jaoui
Cast: Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Léa Drucker
Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Et mon cœur transparent (2017)

In French with English subtitles. Available on October 5

A surprising psychological thriller with its dreamlike and strange atmosphere. It's dark, poetic and will make you think long after viewing.

When Lancelot's wife dies suddenly, he struggles to cope with his grief as he slowly learns the truth about his wife's past.

"The dark humor and poetic charm of Véronique Ovaldé's novel is still present in this adaptation. Julien Boisselier is excellent." – Closer

Directed by: David Vital-Durand, Raphaël Vital-Durand
Cast: Julien Boisselier, Caterina Murino, Serge Riaboukine, Sara Giraudeau
Genre: Drama

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