Our May selection of TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand

This May, revisit film festival favorites with a lineup showcasing exceptional films featured  at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and more! Check out the award-winning  documentary L'apprenti, a heartwarming story of a teen who discovers the meaning of family, or tune in for Comme des garçons, a comedy about the  creation of France's first women's soccer team. 

Comme des garçons

L’Alpe d’Huez Film Festival 2018
In French with English subtitles. Available beginning May 28

Perfect timing for a retro girls crusade for their right to play football! All characters in this flick are endearing, relateable and completely memorable.

Reims, 1969. To spite his boss, Paul Coutard, a womanizer and sports reporter, puts  together a women’s soccer team for his newspaper’s annual charity fair and inadvertently  creates the first women’s team in France.

It’s funny, smart, charming and delivers plenty of good vibes : you won’t be able to resist such a comedy.” - Télé 7 Jours

Director: Julien Hallard (2017)
Cast: Max Boublil, Vanessa Guide, Bruno Lochet
Genre: Comedy

Qui vive

ACID | Cannes Film Festival 2014
In French with English subtitles. Available beginning May 21.

A chronicle on the suburbs, full of humanity, which avoids clichés of the genre, while confronting reality.

While studying for an entrance exam, Chérif takes a job as a security guard. At work, a  group of teenagers constantly harasses him, and Chérif soon finds himself caught up in a  robbery, struggling to find a way out.

"Tardieu follows the example of other European social-realist filmmakers, observing her subject intimately yet objectively, without letting her loose handheld style distract from the telling." - Variety

Director: Marianne Tardieu (2014)
Cast: Reda Kated, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Moussa Mansaly
Genre: Drama

Mobile Home

Golden Leopard Nominee, Junior Jury Award Nominee | Locarno International Film Festival 2012
In French with English subtitles. Available beginning May 14.

A bittersweet fantasy comedy about the difficulty of coming of age and letting go of ideals.

After losing his job and his girlfriend, Simon returns to his hometown and reunites with his  old friend, Julien. The two decide to revive their childhood dream of investing in a mobile  home and setting off on an adventure.

"...has some real moments of charm and is driven by impressive widescreen cinematography and two genial lead performances by Arthur Dupont and Guillaume Gouix." - Screen Daily

Director: François Pirot (2012)
Cast: Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Goix, Jean-Paul Bonnaire
Genre: Comedy


Berlin International Film Festival 2010
In French with English subtitles. Available beginning May 21.

A touching series of sketches on everyday life, filmed in an airport hall. Original in its style.

At Orly Airport in Paris, four strangers grappling with their own issues develop a connection  as they reveal secrets to each other while waiting for their flights.

"Angela Schanelec directs a feature film of raw beauty in a deliberately atural pace.- La Croix

Director: Angela Schanelec (2009)
Cast: Natacha Régnier, Bruno Todeschini, Mireille Perrier
Genre: Drama


In French with English subtitles. Available beginning May 7.

Shot entirely with non-professional actors, this film on the agricultural world, somewhere between documentary and fiction, is remarkably authentic.

15-year-old Mathieu takes a work-study apprenticeship at a small dairy farm, and  eventually integrates himself into the family, learning lessons that can’t be taught in a  classroom and finding the father he never had.

"L'apprenti is a true masterpiece of sincerity, and honesty, carried by a sublime image and a splendid interpretation." - Dvdrama

Director: Samuel Collardey (2008)
Cast: Chantal Lauby, Camille Chamoux, Giovanni Pucci
Genre: Documentary

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