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The summer fun continues on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand  in July with a lineup of vacation-inspired films! Follow the misadventures of a Sybille, a Parisian professional who travels to the picturesque Basque Country for a business deal in the comedy Mission Pays Basque or explore the vibrant Château d'Eau neighborhood of Paris through the eyes of a hustler named Charles in the film La vie de Château.


Mission Pays Basque (2017)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning July 17.

With a classic narrative (poking fun at the shock between city life and the countryside), Ludovic Bernard shoots a warm film, unpretentious and with humor that hits the bull's eye.

Sibylle is a Parisian professional who is tasked with buying out a family owned hardware store in Basque country to build a supermarket in its place; but winning the town over won’t be as easy as she thought.

"Florent Peyre turns out to be the major asset of this light romantic comedy." - Le Parisien

Director Ludovic Bernard
Cast : Elodie Fontan, Florent Peyre, Daniel Prévost
Genre : Comedy

La vie de château (2016)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning July 24.

In a snappy and clever dramedy, featuring a cheeky cast and an urban backdrop, we follow the suave Charles, a used hair salesman in the Parisian district of Château d'Eau.

Welcome to Château d’Eau, the vibrant African neighborhood in Paris where Charles is the smoothest hustler of them all, responsible for filling the numerous neighborhood hair salons with customers.

"The screenwriting by both of the directors and Joseph Denize (from an original idea by Matthew Gledhill) is at its best here..." - Cineuropa

DirectorModi Barry, Cédric Ido 
Cast : Jacky Ido, Tatiana Rojo, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon
Genre : Comedy

Du goudron et des plumes (2013)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning July 17.

A delicious and touching family chronicle, humble and terribly human.

Summer in Montauban means the return of the Summer Triathlon, a popular, televised competition. This year, at the urging of his daughter, Christian agrees to participate to make up for all of his petty lies and tall tales.

"...so seamlessly and cunningly put together that it becomes far greater than the sum of its parts, celebrating both the wonders of individuality and the importance of the collective spirit; the things that tie us together and the things that push us apart." - The Guardian

Director : Pascal Rabaté
Cast : Sami Bouajila, Isabelle Carré, Daniel Prévost
Genre : Drama

On ne choisit pas sa famille (2010)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning July 31.

Christian Clavier takes up the subject of same-sex parenting and creates an entertaining vaudeville style film carried by a five star cast. 

César Borgnoli, an Italian car dealer, is on the brink of ruin. His sister Alex offers to help save the family garage by offering César a deal. César has to pretend to be Kim’s "husband", Alex’s partner, in order to legally adopt little Maily, an adorable 5-year-old girl from Thailand. 

"In terms of humor, Clavier doesn't hold back, bringing out the big guns, but with a certain finesse." - Le Parisien

Director : Christian Clavier
Cast : Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Helena Noguerra
Genre : Comedy

Just a Gigolo (2019)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning July 10.

A successful and entertaining remake of the American film, How to be a Latin Lover, enhanced by the unfailingly funny Kad Merad. 

After living in luxury for 25 years, the washed-up gigolo Alex is unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend. Forced to move in with his sister and nephew, Alex is desperate to find a new heiress as quickly as possible.

"A light and funny comedy with a touch of school boy humor." - CNEWS

Director : Olivier Baroux
Cast : Kad Merad, Anne Charrier, Pascal Elbé
Genre : Comédie

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