Our January Selection of French Films on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand

For the sixth year in a row, TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand is partnering with Unifrance to present recent releases from myFrenchFilmFestival. Official selections are available beginning January 18 and include the critically acclaimed comedies Au poste and Guy.

Diane a les épaules (2017)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18

This film is why pregnancy should have its own genre! The script is original and provides an insightful look into surragate life.

Diane doesn't hesitate when her friends, Jacques and Thomas, ask her to be their surrogate, but it's not the ideal circumstance to be in when she meets her soul mate. 

“A well-observed portrait of a woman embarking on a new romance while also having a baby - though one that isn't hers to keep." The Hollywood Reporter

Directed by: Fabien Gorgeart 
Cast:Clotilde Hesme, Fabrizio Rongione, Thomas Suire 
Genre: Comedy

Au poste (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18

DJ turned director Quentin Dupieux brings forth a cinematic experience that is delightfully wacky, and in which Benoit Poelvoorde delivers a brilliantly engaging performance.

After finding a body in front of his apartment building, Louis is taken into police custody and finds himself on the wrong end of an interrogation. 

“The latest theatre of the absurd to come from writer/director/DoP/editor Quentin Dupieux.... Keep An Eye Out is a hilarious interrogation of life, in all its mundanity, as a stage for the shlumpily surreal." Eye for Film

Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Cast: Benoît Poelvoorde, Grégoire Ludig, Marc Fraize
Genre: Comedy


Comme des garçons (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18 

Perfect timing for a retro girls crusade for their right to play football! All characters in this flick are endearing, relateable and completely memorable.

Reims, 1969. Paul Coutard, a sports reporter, organizes a women's soccer match to antagonize his director and inadvertently creates the first women's soccer team in France. 

It’s funny, smart, charming and delivers plenty of good vibes : you won’t be able to resist such a comedy – Télé 7 Jours

Directed by: Julien Hallard
Cast: Max Boublil, Vanessa Guide, Bruno Lochet
Genre: Comedy

Gaspard va au mariage (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18

Ever feel like you live in a zoo? The wacky characters in Gaspard va au mariage know your pain. Anything goes in this quirky and charming movie that works for the whole family.

Gaspard, nervous about returning home to his family's zoo after an extended absence, asks his friend, Laura, to accompany him to his father's wedding. 

“An originality that is very charming, and that makes the film somewhat hard to pigeonhole, a hybrid, zigzagging between genres, simultaneously feeling like a crazy comedy, romance and a family drama about inheritance, all with a hint of a fairy tale about it and the zest of a nature documentary. " - CinEuropa

Directed by: Antony Cordier
Cast: Félix Moati, Laetitia Dosch, Christa Théret
Genre: Comedy

Fleuve noir (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18

This movie has everything: intrigue, suspense, and star power.

François, a jaded police officer, is investigating the disappearance of a teenaged boy, Dany, and becomes suspicious when Dany's teacher is overeager to aid the investigation. 

"The performances of Cassel and Duris are tremendously remarkable when giving all this psychological and pathological load to their respective characters." - Konexión

Directed by: Erick Zoncka
Cast:[nbsp]Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Sandrine Kiberlain 
Genre: Thriller

Guy (2018)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning January 18

A wonderfully unique project, pushing the boundaries of comedic concepts within a film.

After discovering that he is the illegitimate son of the famous singer Guy Jamet, Gaulthier decides to meet his father by pretending to film a documentary about Guy's career.

“A sparkling, ironic salute to age and passing time." - Hollywood Reporter

Directed by: Alex Lutz
Cast:[nbspAlex Lutz, Tom Dingler, Pascale Arbillot
Genre: Dramatic comedy

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