Nicolas Le Floch

Each week, FrenchFlicks selects a French film available on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand. The streaming service presents an assortment of 30 French language films including recent releases and timeless classics, festival favorites, films and series never before seen on television in the US!

This week, we selected for you a brilliant period crime series, a very welcome alternative to CSI, Criminal Minds and the like!

Nicolas le Floch

Nicolas le Floch, doubly an investigator with the King's Police and the Marquis de Ranreuil, solves crimes during the reign of Louis XV.

Une plaisante adaptation des polars en costumes de Jean-François Parot (...). Le mélange d'aventure policière et de chronique historique fait mouche, grâce à la reconstitution élégante du XVIIIe siècle et à l'humour subtil des ­dialogues qui associent expressions modernes et vocabulaire désuet mais très imagé.” – Télérama

Directed by: Hugues Pagan
With: Jérôme Robart , François Caron , Vimala Pons
Genre: Crime thriller, 2015
In French with English subtitles

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Also available in March: the thriller Les saisons meurtrières, the first season of the crime series Origines, and much more.

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