Les Souvenirs

Sunday, October 11 at 8.30 PM ET on TV5MONDE.

Romain, 23, is very close to his grandmother. Dynamic and full of life, the old lady, 85, struggles to adapt to life in a care home. She wonders what she's doing with all of the old people. One day, she decides to escape. Romain sets off to find her.

"Une comédie intergénérationnelle qui va droit au coeur." - Le Parisien

"On rit, on pleure, on ressent tout un tas d'émotions. Un très beau moment de cinéma." - TF1 News

Directed by: Jean-Paul Rouve (France/Belgium, 2013)
Based on the book by David Foenkinos.
Cast: Mathieu Spinosi (Romain), Michel Blanc (Michel, the father), Annie Cordy (Madeleine, the grandmother), Chantal Lauby (Nathalie, the mother), William Lebghil (Karim).
Genre: Dramedy
Running time: 90'

Subtitles: English

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