Escape to Nowhere

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This month, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand offers a selection of films featuring the French-Italian actor Lino Ventura, famous for his roles of tough cops or gangsters.

Escape to Nowhere (Le silencieux)

Who is Anton Haliakov, who has just been abducted by the M.I.5 in London? A Soviet scientist apparently. But sixteen years before the man had another identity, Clément Tibère, and another nationality, French. So what led him to become Russian and to change identity? And why are the British secret services interested in him?

"La mise en scène, brillante, serrée, fait apparaître le mécanisme des péripéties dans lesquelles Lino Ventura se trouve pris. En homme traqué et solitaire, il est remarquable." - Télérama"

Director: Claude Pinoteau (1973)
With:  Lino Ventura,  Leo GennSuzanne Flon
Genre: Thriller, drama
Subtitles: English
117 min.
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