Crash Test Aglaë

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This month, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand presents Crash Test Aglaë, a quirky, colorful and poetic French comedy.

Crash Test Aglaë

Aglaé Lanctot, 25-years-old, is as insecure as can be. As a result of being 'brought up' by an irresponsible mother and by an absent father, she can now find her balance only in a methodical life and a regular, well-defined job. For instance in being the most perfectionist vehicle crash test worker ever. So imagine her dismay when she learns that her factory is going to be relocated - in India. Losing such a structuring job is simply inconceivable. So much so that when Aglaé is offered to hold the same position but thousands of miles away from home, with pay cut and without the least social benefits, she - accepts. A few days later, Aglaé hits the road in an old Citroën Visa, accompanied by her two friends and co-workers Liette and Marcelle who, for reasons of their own, have decided to follow her example.

"Bringing out a fresh and original take on the road movie, Crash Test Aglaé is a celebratory film of humanity and warmth, showing that there are many different ways to reach an understanding of who we are and what we want." - FlickeringMyth

Directed by: Eric Gravel (France, 2017)
Cast: India Hair, Julie Depardieu, Yolande Moreau
Genre: Comedy
Running time : 85'
Subtitles: English

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