Bloody Milk (Petit paysan)

Each week, FrenchFlicks selects a French film available on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand or TV5Monde. Don't miss Thursday the rural thriller Petit Paysan, which borrows from Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King.

Thursday, May 17, at 8.30 PM ET on TV5MONDE.

Pierre, in his thirties, is a breeder of dairy cattle. His life revolves around his farm, his veterinarian sister and his parents whose livestock he took over. As the first cases of a zoonotic outbreak are reported in France, Pierre discovers that one of his animals is infected. He cannot cope with the perspective of losing the whole herd. They are everything he has and he will do whatever it takes to save them.

"A solemn take on rural life that intriguingly toys with thriller conventions." - Variety

"This intriguing genre-bender benefits from the charisma of its star Swann Arlaud (A Woman’s Life), who plays a lonesome cowhand trying to eke out a living in the rough Gallic countryside" - Hollywood Reporter

Directed by: Hubert Charuel (France, 2017)
Cast: Swann Arlaud, Sara Giraudeau, Bouli Lanners, Isabelle Candelier
Genre: Drama, thriller
Running time : 90'


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