Beyond Hatred (Au-delà de la haine)

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This month features a selection of documentaries, including Beyond Hatred, a deeply moving account of a French family's response to a needless tragedy, which is all the more effective as it eschews the sensationalism of so much modern reportage.

Beyond Hatred (Au-delà de la haine)

After their gay son, François Chenu, is beaten to death by 3 skinheads, a close-knit French family tries to move toward understanding and even forgiveness so that their fight for tolerance and respect for others can continue. Director Olivier Meyrou crafts this devestating documentary in classic verité style, allowing an immensely cathartic story to unfold at its own pace without unnecessary exposition or narration.

"An example of a film whose style doesn't merely suit its story but amplifies its meanings." - New York Times

The settings are mundane, but the exchanges are emotionally raw and so neatly convey both the drama and the grinding daily routine of having to cope with tragedy.” – BBC

Director: Olivier Meyrou (2007)
Genre: Documentary
Subtitles: English
85 min.
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