Our August Selection of French Films on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand

The laughs continue on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand with even more family friendly comedies in August. Featuring the likes of comedic powerhouses Dany Boon, Pierre Richard, Josiane Balasko, and Benoît Poelvoorde, this month's lineup is sure to keep you in stitches!

Les rayures du zèbre (2014)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning August 30

Teetering delicately between light and dark tones, between fantasy and realism, this hilarious film is a new example of Belgian success in the field of absurd comedies.

José Stockman scouts promising soccer players in Africa. He meets a young player, Yaya, and brings him to Belgium, hoping to turn Yaya into a champion, but Yaya's first game doesn't go according to plan.

"A darkly comic post-colonial satire with real heart." - Hollywood Reporter

Director: Benoît Mariage
Cast: Benoît Poelvoorde, Marc Zinga, Tatjana Rojo
Genre: Comedy

Divorces! (2009)

In French with English subtitles. Available beginning August 23

A rhythmic film with zesty dialogue that pokes fun of imperfect characters, brilliantly portrayed by Pascale Arbillot and François-Xavier Demaison.

Two happily married divorce attorneys specialize in creating fair and friendly separation agreements for their respective clients, but when one of them has an affair their strategy for divorce becomes a lot less friendly.

“This fast-paced film can count on snappy dialog and unexpected situations. Pascale Arbillot and François-Xavier Demaison play extremely believable divorcees" - Le Parisien

Director: Valérie Guignabodet
Cast: François-Xavier Demalson, Pascale Arbillot, Mathias Mlekuz
Genre: Drama

Jean-Philippe (2006)

In French with English subtitles Available beginning August 9

For a bit of an outrageous option that's also tender and funny, look no further. It's worth a watch for all of the meetings between Johnny Hallyday and Fabrice Luchini. They're as surreal as you'd expect.

Fabrice is a huge fan of Johnny Hallyday. After waking up from a coma, Fabrice realizes he is in a parallel dimension where Johnny, whose real name is Jean-Philippe, abandoned his career before achieving stardom.

"Serenely funny and beautifully low-key, Jean-Philippe is also a great indicator of what's expected of celebrities today." - Les Cahiers du Cinéma

Director: Laurent Tuel
Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Johnny Hallyday, Guilaine Londez
Genre: Comedy

Les Bronzés 3, amis pour la vie (2006)

In French with subtitiles. Available beginning August 16

It's been 27 years and they're back! Even after all this time, the characters are still just as endearing, now operating on nostalgia.

In 1978, Popeye, Gigi, Jérôme, Bernard, Nathalie, and Jean-Claude met in the Ivory Coast. 27 years later, this group of friends reunites in Sardinia for a long overdue vacation.

"Les Bronzés 3 has just what it needs to become a cult film, like the first two." - Zurban

Director: Patrice Leconte
Cast: Josiane Balasko, Michel Blanc, Marie-Anne Chazel
Genre: Comedy

Le coup du parapluie (1980)

In French with subtitles. Available beginning August 2

A brilliant parody of espionage with hysterical misunderstandings and situations in which Pierre Richard finds a role that truly shows off his comedic talent. A movie to see with the whole family.

Grégoire Lecomte is an unlucky actor who is anxious to find a job. Excited about a screen test for the role of a killer, Grégoire takes a wrong turn and accidentally meets with a mafia boss looking for a hitman.

Director: Gérard Oury
Cast: Pierre Richard, Valérie Mairesse, Gert Fröbe
Genre: Comedy

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