A Widow at Last (Enfin veuve)

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This month features a selection of classic French comedies from the past 40 years, including A Widow at Last (Enfin veuve), a film by Isabelle Mergault, famous in France for popular sentimental comedies that win the hearts of millions of French people.

A beleaguered housewife watches her dreams come true when her obnoxious husband dies, in actress-turned-director Isabelle Mergault's romantic comedy The Merry Widow (AKA Enfin veuve). For years, Anne-Marie Gratigny (Michele Laroque) has buckled beneath the weight of her condescending husband, Gilbert's (Wladimir Yordanoff) constant oppressiveness. An unrelenting boor, he belittles her, chides her, and torments her - until the day that he perishes in an automobile accident. Anne-Marie, of course, is thrilled by this turn of events. Among other things, it will give her the freedom to abscond with her extramarital lover, Leo (Jacques Gamblin), a builder of boats who is preparing to head off to China on business and to take Anne-Marie along. Unfortunately for Anne-Marie, these plans are dashed when her unwittingly intrusive family moves in to "console" her and upsets her relationship with Leo. More problematically, Anne-Marie finds that she can never quite bring herself to the point of confessing her true feelings about any of the tumultuous events that have happened.

A Widow at Last

Isabelle Mergault livre une comédie fraîche et divertissante" - La Croix

"Si la première demi-heure, portée par une Michèle Laroque en grande forme, fait beaucoup rire, le film adopte ensuite un ton plus dramatique (...) Le duo Laroque-Gamblin s'en donne à coeur joie, mais Isabelle Mergault a su aussi soigner ses seconds rôles." - Le Parisien

Director: Isabelle Mergault (2008)
With : Michèle LaroqueJacques GamblinWladimir Yordanoff
Genre: Comedy
Subtitles: English
110 min.
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