Vincent labors at a construction site, next to a lake. He’s a simple, unremarkable man except for a unique power that he keeps to himself. When he meets the exuberant Lucie, he has reason at last to put down roots. But his newfound life is thrown into jeopardy when a workplace incident reveals his secret. French writer, director and star Thomas Salvador doesn’t turn the superhero genre on its head as much as gaze inward in this low-key, low-budget gem. This charming slice of magic realism knows the limits of its powers—there are no city block-leveling attacks or alien invasions. Instead, special effects are resolutely low fidelity with a few well-crafted examples of Vincent's abilities in action. Spare with dialogue, the film has the easygoing pace of a vintage silent comedy. Salvador's winning debut is a keenly observed adult fairy tale with a mischievous glint in its dreamy eyes.



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