A Young Poet


Deciding that he wants to be a poet, 18-year-old Rémi plants himself in the summer-struck Mediterranean town of Sète, where Paul Valéry is buried in a sunny hilltop cemetery overlooking a sweet blue harbor. But what’s the next step? How does one find inspiration? Rémi conscientiously goes through the wannabe poet’s checklist: speaking to Valéry’s grave, communing with nature, drinking heavily, contemplating the sea, enlisting a vacationing girl as his muse. Alas, the summer is slipping by, and he has completed only one-third of his poem, most of it mediocre. Perhaps the ghost of Valéry has the answer... Lusciously photographed in soft, summery pastels, with echoes of Eric Rohmer, A YOUNG POET is an affectionately satirical look at the aspirations of youth and the elusiveness of artistic inspiration. In French with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)



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