A Perfect Man


It starts out innocently enough. After all, where’s the harm in rescuing a dead man’s diary – a work that was destined, without his intervention, for a landfill? And anyway, he’s the one who recognized the diary’s potential as a novel, so why shouldn’t he sign the work as his own? Thus begins the meteoric rise of young Mathieu Vasseur, a heretofore-unpublished author eking out a living at his uncle’s moving company. Mathieu rides the wave as literature’s “Next Big Thing,” with growing concern over the mounting pressure of expectation for a second novel. But Mathieu has more urgent matters to attend to, including Alice, a woman the old Mathieu could have only dreamed about, and his desperation to keep his secret safe will leave him feeling like a man dispossessed of his own life. No matter – if this is the cost of genius, so be it.



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