Three Colors: Red


Valentine. 23-year-old. A student at Geneva University, a model. She lives in the district. Her boyfriend lives in England, and when we meet Valentine she only talks to him on the phone. One night Valentine runs over a dog. The dog is alive, just wounded. On his identity-tag Valentine finds the owner's address. He is the Judge. 65-year-old. A year into retirement. He lives in Carouge, a residential suburb of Geneva. When he discovers that his dog has had an accident, he appears unmoved. From time to time he watches his neighboors through the window. Karin lives in a building behind his garden. Blond. 27-year-old, she works at the "personalized weather station". She is Auguste's girlfriend. 25-year-old. He lives in the district... When we meet him, he has just finished law school and is preparing for exams to be a judge ...



HUNTINGTON - December 11 at 10:00am - Cinema Arts Centre

MINNEAPOLIS - December 18-20 - The Trylon Cinema

SAN FRANCISCO (San Rafael) - December 18-19 - Smith Rafael Film Center


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