Long Way North


As a member of the Russian aristocracy, 15 year-old Sasha is expected to make her debut in polite society, to marry strategically, and to live out her life as an obedient wife. But Sasha has other plans. She was born with the wanderlust of her grandfather Oloukine, an explorer of renown who has yet to return from his expedition to the far reaches of the North Pole aboard his unsinkable ship, the Davia. Meanwhile, the Tsar’s treacherous nephew has used Oloukine’s absence to tarnish her family’s honor and Sasha is convinced that the Davia hasn’t been found because everyone is looking in the wrong place. Without a ruble of her own, Sasha sets off to territories unknown, hoping to prove her theory and to restore the family reputation, even if it leaves her marriage prospects in ruins.


Réalisateur :
  • Rémi Chayé
Avec / with :
Christa Théret, Féodor Atkine, Thomas Sagols (voices)
Genre :
  • Animation
Date de sortie :

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