Ride Above


Literally born and raised with horses, Zoe leads a happy life at her parents’ racehorse stables, driven by the dream of someday becoming a jockey like her father. To Zoe, nothing beats being with horses, especially her « best friend » Beautiful Intrigue, the stable’s prize mare, who taught the child how to walk. When Beautiful Intrigue gives birth to a foal that Zoe names Tempest, the girl is the first to see in him the champion her parents have been waiting and working for all their lives. The winner she will ride to victory. But Zoe’s dreams are shattered one stormy night.


Réalisateur :
  • Christian Duguay
Avec / with :
Mélanie Laurent, Pio Marmaï, Kacey Mottet Klein
Genre :
  • Dramedy
Date de sortie :


GREAT BARRINGTON - June 4 at 10:00am - The Triplex Cinema


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