As Long As You're Healthy


This delightful quartet of shorts showcases both Étaix’s superlative gifts for visual comedy and his astute commentary on the everyday sensory assaults of contemporary society. The Tati-esque middle section highlights hapless urbanites as they to maneuver their way through a cinema-trip-turned-consumerist- nightmare (“The Movies”) and a series of mishaps brought about by construction, congestion, and stress (the titular short). Étaix bookends these with “Insomnia,” a formally playful look at a sleep-deprived man’s disorientation as he begins to confuse real life with the vampire novel he reads in bed; and “Into the Woods No More,” in which an afternoon in the country becomes an endless string of perils and pratfalls for a hunter, a farmer, and a bourgeois couple looking for just the right spot to picnic.



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