Julie and the Shoe Factory


La La Land isn't the only retro movie musical making a song and dance about. To be sure, the continentals do things slightly differently. After last year's well-received Belgian Rhapsody, we bring you another romantic musical comedy treating social issues. Inspired by the films of Jacques Demy and Stanley Donen, the whimsical Julie and the Shoe Factory centers on a practical young woman whose dreams of financial stability are threatened when it seems that the luxury shoe factory where she has recently started to work will be sold and the business moved off shore. Julie joins with an intrepid group of female co-workers who decide to put their best foot forward and protest the proposed sale. In a fantastical song-and-dance number, they raid the factory archives and discover a bold and elegant shoe model that they decide to revive in order to save the renowned brand and keep it in la belle France. The adorable gamine Pauline Etienne (The Tokyo Fiancée) plays Julie with charm and panache.



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