Two different tribes of snakes live in the desert. One kind are beautiful and lives in a peaceful waterhole where they are protected and venerated by humans. The other one are poisonous and try to survive in the dust, sand and heat where they are hunted and killed by Tuaregs. From the beginning of time, these two tribes hate each other. SAHARA is the story of Ajar, a young poisonous snake who is the laughing stock of his own kind because he hasn’t shed his skin yet and Eva, young princess who wants to escape the waterhole to avoid a forced marriage. These two are going to meet and fall in love. Unfortunately Eva will be kidnapped by Tuaregs. Ajar and his best friend Pitt the scorpion will cross the ruthless Sahara to save Eva from a terrible fate.


Réalisateur :
  • Pierre Coré
Avec / with :
Voices : Omar Sy, Louane Emera, Franck Gastambide, Vincent Lacoste, Ramzy Bédia, Clovis Cornillac, Jean Dujardin
Genre :
  • Animation
Date de sortie :

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