When his right-hand man and only mate has to go away for a few weeks, Georges - an ageing film star - is given a substitute, Aïssa. The disillusioned actor and the young female security guard forge a special relationship.



In Theaters

CHICAGO - October 18 & 22 - AMC River East (Chicago IFF)

FORT LAUDERDALE - November 14, 20 & 21 - Gateway Cinema (Ft Lauderdale IFF)

HOLLYWOOD - November 20 at 7:00pm - Cinema Paradiso (Ft Lauderdale IFF)

LOS ANGELES - November 6 at 1:35pm- The Directors Guild Theater - Truffaut Theatre (West Coast Premiere)

Through virtual cinema

Available through virtual cinema - October 14-24 (via Chicago IFF) in IL, IN, IO, MI, MN, MO, and WI Only


Available on streaming or VoD

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