Phantom Boy


Phantom Boy is set amongst New York City’s skyscrapers, the lights of Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. Here, as 11-year-old Leo undergoes treatment for cancer, a mad villain with a disfigured face straight out of a Picasso painting threatens to destroy the city with a lethal computer virus. Though stuck in the hospital, Leo’s illness has afforded him a special superpower that allows him to leave his body and fly throughout the city—and through walls—as an invisible phantom of himself. This comes in handy when he teams up with an intrepid cop and a plucky newspaper reporter (voiced by Audrey Tautou) to try to find the Man with the Broken Face and subvert his nefarious plan. From on high, Leo not only tracks criminals but also bears witness to how his family is coping with his illness, yet Phantom Boy nimbly eschews pathos for a more meaningful message of freedom, empowerment and young courage.


Réalisateur :
  • Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli
Avec / with :
Edouard Baer, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Audrey Tautou
Genre :
  • Animation
Date de sortie :

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